The Importance Of Skin Cancer Prevention

KelownaNow, May 1, 2018: Dr. Ben Wiese of the Kelowna Skin Cancer Screening Clinic discusses the importance of skin cancer prevention through consistent screenings and practicing daily sun protection.

Save Your Skin

Castanet, May 4, 2018: DId you know that 90% of melanoma is considered 90 percent preventable? With summer quickly approaching, Dr. Ben Wiese talks about the significance of consistent skin cancer screenings, especially when trying to prevent skin cancer. Read the full article from Castanet here. 

Vitamin B Derivative (Nicotinamide) Appears To Reduce Skin Cancer Risk

Skin Therapy Letter, September 2, 2017: Skin Therapy Letter examined skin cancer in further detail, to get a better understanding of nicotinamide in skin cancer risks. The study demonstrated that the role of nicotinamide, in both topical and oral forms, is a chemopreventive agent against skin cancer. Learn more about how nicotinamide can help reduce your skin cancer risk.

Man Against Machine: Diagnostic Performance Of A Deep Learning Convolutional Neural Network For Dermoscopic Melanoma Recognition In Comparison To 58 Dermatologists

Oxford Academic, May 28, 2018: Oxford Academic talks about how deep learning convolutional neural networks can help make skin cancer screenings more accurate and reliable. Read the full study here.

Save Your Skin Foundation

The Save Your Skin Foundation is a national patient-led not-for-profit group dedicated to the fight against non-melanoma skin cancers, melanoma and ocular melanoma through nationwide education, advocacy, and awareness initiatives. Visit the Save Your Skin Foundation website.

Melanoma Network Of Canada

If you want to learn more about melanoma and its risks, visit the Melanoma Network of Canada. The Melanoma Network of Canada is a nationally-based organization to coordinate educational and prevention efforts, provide a strong voice for advocacy, and assist in efforts to target funding for melanoma research. Visit the website for the Melanoma Network Of Canada here.

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