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The Okanagan’s premier skin health experts, offering the most precise mole mapping technology.

At Kelowna Skin Cancer Clinic, we specialize in the prevention and treatment of all high-risk forms of skin cancer. 

Get detailed, evidence-based information while experiencing highly professional, patient-focused care.


Advanced Technology

As one of Western Canada’s most innovative high-risk skin cancer clinics, we leverage leading tools and technology to zero in on the health of your skin. Because early detection is paramount.

Our computerized mole mapping system creates an accurate set of photos of your moles. The AI technology immediately identifies new moles or changes to existing moles so you can feel safe.

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We use a tool called a dermatoscope that features high-quality magnifying lenses (x10) to closely examine the skin’s surface. This helps to detect unusual changes at an earlier stage, leading to better outcomes.

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This visual exam of the skin checks for lesions that look suspicious. Our skin cancer physicians are here to perform these screenings and give you peace of mind.

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Dr Lize Wiese assessing a patient's skin.


Proven Treatments

If a biopsy confirms skin cancer, there are a variety of medical and surgical procedures available based on your needs.

These may include: Cryotherapy, Topical, Surgery, Systemic Chemotherapy or Immunotherapy, and Curettage & Electrodesiccation.


Our Experts

With a background in family practice and certified expertise in skin health, our physicians began offering dedicated skin cancer services in Kelowna in 2018.

Our friendly team strives to fulfill your skin care needs, while exceeding your expectations.

I strongly believe that prevention is better than cure.

Dr. Ben Wiese


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