Convenient options available for early diagnosis.

Curettage and electrodesiccation are used for early and superficial treatment of various biopsy-proven cancer types.

How curettage and electrodesiccation work.

This procedure eradicates signs of cancer by scraping away the cancerous area. It is then followed up with using a needle to destroy any remaining precancerous or cancerous cells. Electrodesiccation healing time varies, but it usually takes between 4-6 weeks for the affected area to heal completely.

Curettage & Electrodesiccation is a potential treatment for these types of skin cancer:

  • Basal Cell Carcinomas
  • Squamous Cell Carcinomas

The benefits of curettage and electrodesiccation.

The treatment is simple and has an extremely high success rate (between 91 and 97%). This is in large part because it is used on cancer that has been diagnosed at a very early stage.

Explore more treatment options.

At Kelowna Skin Cancer Clinic we offer patients a variety of treatment options. The appropriate  treatment will depend on a number of factors. We’ll provide personalized advice to determine the right treatment for you.