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Dr. Ben Wiese Interviewed During Skin Cancer Awareness Month

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Dr. Ben Wiese was requested to share some of his insights and help spread awareness during several interviews for Skin Cancer Awareness Month. He is passionate about sharing how to protect you skin, detecting skin cancer during its early stages, and checking your skin regularly.

Kelowna Now

Headshot of Dr Ben Wiese of Kelowna Skin Cancer Clinic.
Dr. Ben Wiese is a passionate advocate for skin cancer awareness.

Getting to Know Your Skin Could Save Your Life

In this article, Dr. Ben Wiese shares about the latest technology he and Dr. Lize Wiese use at Kelowna Skin Cancer Clinic. He also stresses that first line of defence against skin cancer is individual. He suggests that everyone take the time to get to know their own skin. If someone is familiar with their skin and checks themselves on a regular basis, they’ll notice when things start to change.

Kelowna Daily Courier

In Conversation With Dr. Ben Wiese

In this discussion with the Kelowna Daily Courier, Dr. Ben Wiese talks about the importance of taking preventative measures when spending time outside during these sunny summer months. May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and he believes that it is never too early to have conversations about the importance of taking care of your skin. Dr. Ben Wiese strongly believes that prevention is the best cure.

Global News

Know Your Skin, Risk Factors: Kelowna Skin Cancer Physician

Dr. Ben Wiese used this interview with Global News to share one of his most urgent messages: “Know your skin. Know your risk factors.” He stresses that if you see something different or new on your skin, you should seek help. Kimberly Fogarty, one of Dr. Wiese’s patients, shared her experience. After she noticed a “changing mole” on her leg, a doctor recommended her to Kelowna Skin Cancer Clinic. There, they confirmed that the mole was actually a melanoma. Thankfully, they were able to catch it before the dangerous cancer spread.

Kelowna Capital News

Kelowna Doctor Warns Against Tanning as Skin Cancer Rates Rise

Skin cancer rates are on the rise. Here Dr. Ben Wiese discusses the culprits: tanning and a depleting ozone layer. The ozone layer that protects the earth from the sun’s harmful rays is depleting. This could be a factor in the increase in skin cancer diagnoses.

Tanning is another problem. When your skin is tan, it means that your skin is suffering from sustained skin cell damage. Even using a tanning bed once is dangerous! He recommends people cover their skin and use water-resistant sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher when they’re outside.