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Drs. Ben and Lize Wiese Speak About Skin Cancer Awareness

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​Dr. Ben Wiese and Dr. Lize Wiese of the Kelowna Skin Cancer Clinic recently announced that they will be doing interviews throughout May in honour of Skin Cancer Awareness Month.

The Okanagan’s skin cancer professionals

Known as the premier skin cancer physicians within a 400 km radius, Dr. Ben Wiese and Dr. Lize Wiese want to take the opportunity to discuss safe sun protection, especially as we enter the warmer summer months.

The need for skin cancer education

Dr. Ben Wiese was inspired to speak on skin cancer after seeing the incredible need for professional insight in the area. The Kelowna Skin Cancer Clinic has seen a consistent influx of new patients that are concerned about their skin cancer risk but didn’t have access to a trained physician beforehand.

Since opening the clinic, Dr. Ben Wiese has diagnosed countless patients with different forms of skin cancer, which typically take place as either melanoma, basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma. Each day, Ben diagnoses approximately five to seven new cases of skin cancer that will require some sort of treatment. After diagnosing three patients with melanoma before lunchtime, Dr. Ben Wiese found that it was important to place additional focus on preventative measures against skin cancer.

This is what led Dr. Ben Wiese and Dr. Lize Wiese to offer to do interviews about skin cancer and its risks, as well as preventative measures against skin cancer. They will be available to speak on several topics related to skin cancer. Their goal is to inform residents from the Okanagan about good preventative measures against skin cancer, provide an overview of the different skin cancer screening techniques and examine the different treatment options that are available for patients.

About Dr. Ben Wiese and Dr. Lize Wiese

Dr. Ben Wiese and Dr. Lize Wiese both became interested in skin cancer while studying at the University of Pretoria and doing their residency in Kimberley, South Africa. After seeing the need in Kelowna for a skilled skin cancer physician, the Wiese doctors decided to create their skin cancer clinic, called the Kelowna Skin Cancer Clinic, which offers both screenings and treatments.

In 2014, Dr. Ben Wiese began taking courses in dermoscopy and primary care skin cancer courses at the Universities of Cardiff and Queensland. He is also currently busy with his Master’s degree in skin cancer, at the University of Queensland, Australia. While doing his Master’s and having twin boys, Dr. Ben Wiese officially opened his skin cancer clinic, alongside his wife and fellow skin cancer physician, Dr. Lize Wiese. He offers skin cancer screenings and treatments at his clinic in Kelowna only by referral from other physicians.