Elevating your immune system.

Immunotherapy enhances the immune system’s ability to identify and target cancer cells. It is commonly used to fight melanoma and is often viewed as chemotherapy’s alternative.

What is systematic immunotherapy?

The immune system has the ability to attack infections caused by viruses and bacteria. It can also destroy abnormal cancer cells. Unlike healthy patients, those with melanoma don’t have an immune system that’s fit to distinguish healthy, normal cells from diseased cells. By improving the immune system, the patient may redevelop the ability to fight off diseased cells.

Systemic Immunotherapy is a potential treatment for these types of skin cancer:

  • Melanoma

How systematic immunotherapy works.

Systemic Chemotherapy may be used alone to treat certaImmunotherapy can only be performed by an oncologist. These treatments are administered through an injection. Systemic treatments reach all parts of the body through the patient’s bloodstream.

The benefits of systematic immunotherapy.

Systemic immunotherapy can cure eye conditions, such as peripheral ulcerative keratitis and scleritis. The treatment prevents affected blood vessels from spreading. It has also had tremendous results in various types of cancers, including bladder cancer. The process is an excellent alternative to chemotherapy. 

Explore more treatment options.

At Kelowna Skin Cancer Clinic we offer patients a variety of treatment options. The appropriate  treatment will depend on a number of factors. We’ll provide personalized advice to determine the right treatment for you.